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Hey fellow cheeselovers! It’s your favorite Bottle King cheesemonger, finally back in action!


I guess I must start this post with a big ol’ I’m sorry for not posting for as long as I did–or didn’t, I guess… But! It has not been in vain. In fact, over the last month we’ve been working our big hearts and little hands straight to the bone to make a big change at our Bottle King location in Glen Rock.

In case you haven’t yet heard: we moved! Only to right across the street, but it’s a brandy new store, built from the bottom up, and so much bigger–especially the Vineyard Market department (I know that’s really the only part you were concerned about anyway (; ). The first couple of weeks were packed with some new and curious faces checking out our new digs, and the last two weekends were a big party for our Grand Opening. Let me fill you in a little in case you couldn’t make it.


Weekend one we had a DJ playing some tunes right outside in the parking lot, alongside a row of super cool raffle items including a Corona canoe, a wooden Tito’s grill table, and a mini fridge shaped like the signature Coors mountains. We also had some friends from Oink and Moo BBQ come by in their food truck to feed our hungry customers with their delicious food. Not to mention the goings-on inside the store: a handmade cigar roller live in action, the owner of FunniBonz BBQ sauces sampling his products atop some pulled chicken, and a highend tasting of High West whiskeys.

Weekend two we were still going strong: the Polkadot Cupcake truck swinging through and doling out some mouthwatering cupcakes, more raffling of awesome items, a rep from Rao’s coming through and sampling their amaaaaaaaazing sauces (currently only $5.99 per 32oz. jar of Marinara!!! thru August, only at Glen Rock Bottle King), and a sampling of Hornitos tequila.

parm towerMy favorite part, however, might have been the very special demo by our very own Big Cheese, Joe, cracking open a gorgeous 90lb. wheel of real Parmigiano Reggiano! Of course, I filmed it–check it out and see how it’s done here.

It’s really been a crazy and fun experience and we’ve brought in a TON of new items to our once-little Vineyard Market here in Glen Rock, so keep checking in for updates! & if you haven’t stopped in already, we really hope to see you soon!

Laura Chenel Cabecou Herb – July Cheese of the Month

Whew! The holidays are finally past us again–at least for a little while. And what a better way to wind down than with a brand new yummy cheese!

This month we bring you an incredible new goat cheese: Laura Chenel’s Cabecou Herb.

Laura Chenel Cabecou Herb.jpg

Laura Chenel was a pioneer of commercializing goat cheese in the U.S. She began her company in 1979 in California with the mission of making goat cheese a sought-after American food. She traveled to France and worked alongside a handful of cheesemakers before returning to create her own goat-y masterpieces. The Laura Chenel company was sold in 2006 to Rians Group, a group that buys small family producers with the promise of maintaining their original integrity and traditions. Today, the creamery has been awarded for its environmental achievements with their “green creamery” and continues to use only local dairy that is GMO and rBST free. This is how we’ve come to discover the goat cheese wonders that are Cabecou!

A nice domestic cheese hailing from Sonoma in California, Cabecou (CAH-beh-coo) is a fresh goat log that has been sliced into discs and dried for about a week before being marinated in an oil mixture. Laura Chenel currently produces two varieties: Spicy and Herb. Currently, all Bottle King Vineyard Markets are carrying the Herb as our new featured Cheese of the Month. Coming in an adorable little pail, each tub contains about 4 goat discs that have been soaked in a marinade of bay leaf, peppercorn, and other fresh herbs, resulting in a luxurious and savory bite.

I love love love this cheese on some fresh artisan bread, so you can really soak up some of the oil. Pair it with a bright Sauvignon Blanc or even a Champagne for some play on texture.

To make things even better, being our Cheese of the Month we’re able to bring you this fantastic cheese at a fantastic price: $8.99 $5.99

Be sure to stop into your local Vineyard Market this weekend to have a taste!

Carr Valley Bread Cheese – the perfect 4th of July griller

Yay! Another holiday is finally here! Which means more fun parties and more food! My favorite.

I especially like the 4th of July for the same reason I like Memorial Day–it usually implies a barbeque. And boy do I love my barbeques. I love the weather, the smells, the feels of summer, and best of all the food.

And so in honor of this love of mine, I’ve decided to dig up an oldie-but-so-goodie to share with you: Carr Valley Bread Cheese.
(Check out our original posts on this tasty treat here and here.)

I’ve noticed that many people have never heard of bread cheese before. For starters, there’s absolutely no bread involved at all–just cheese. So what is it? In short, it’s a prebaked cheese, making it ideal for cooking since it maintains its form and gets a nice crisp on its outside. It’s got a sort of squeaky texture and relatively mild flavor, but my gosh is it good. Enjoy it plain as is, or try it in some of these ways below!

  • Grill it! It is July 4th weekend after all, and grilling it creates an amazing crust around the outside. Then, eat it plain or dip in BBQ sauce!
  • Slice into strips and fry in a frying pan until each side gets a nice crust. Dip in marinara sauce for cheesy “bread” dippers
    Tip: Don’t butter or grease the pan–the cheese will do that for you!
  • Warm in a pan on the stove or nuke in the microwave and slather with jam or preserves
  • Heat in the oven, cover top with pepper relish, & heat in the oven some more for a pizza-esque treat
  • Stick in a waffle iron and then drizzle with real maple syrup for breakfast

There are honestly so many ways you can enjoy Carr Valley Bread Cheese. We’ve cooked it in store here a number of times and it’s quickly become a staff favorite.

How do you enjoy your bread cheese? Let us know!

Wyke Farms Ivy’s Vintage Reserve Cheddar – June Cheese of the Month

As a wise young man once told me… cheddar is better. And this month I couldn’t agree more.

Meet our Cheese of the Month for June: Wyke Farms Ivy’s Vintage Reserve.

Wyke 2

A blast from the past for some, you might remember this cheese from last February when it first made its debut in our Vineyard Markets.

Wyke Farms has a long history of cheesemaking for over 150 years. Family owned and operated, they’ve been producing cheeses using traditional methods and the family’s original recipe from their grandmother Ivy for generations. This particular cheddar, the Ivy’s Vintage Reserve, is named especially after Grandma Ivy and is aged to perfection for a minimum of 15 months. Each piece is savory with a full-mouth feel and a hint of tangy sweetness. The aging process creates some little bits of crunch throughout the body of the cheese–for all you tyrosine lovers out there–while still keeping a super creamy texture overall and a really extraordinary flavor.


I’m pretty picky about my cheddars–there are just so many out there to choose from–so trust me when I tell you that this one is worth the taste. A delicious snack with some Tresors crackers and fresh red grapes or ripe strawberries, I’ve enjoyed this cheese with an oaky Chardonnay, like Block 525, to result in a super buttery taste for a playful take on texture; or even a Cabernet Sauvignon, like Sonoma Station, as the fat in the cheese will coat your mouth to help overcome some of those big tannins.

On special for $9.99/lb, this cheddar is seriously a steal.

And did I mention it’s dad-approved? Stash a piece away for the upcoming Father’s Day and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Wyke 1

Try with a little Red Pepper Jelly to kick it up a notch!

Oh my Vache!

So once again, the week is coming to a close–but what an exciting week it’s been here at the BK Vineyard Market. With the nicer weather finally in full swing, we decided it was time to bring in some new tasty items. One such item is a cheese called Bethmale VacBethmale Vache w labelshe.

Hailing from the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, in the Bethmale Valley not far from Spain, the Jean Faup Fromagerie produces the cheese known as Bethmale (named for the valley it’s from) and has been crafting these cheeses for five family generations. Bethmale is usually made using either goats’ milk or cows’ milk–the version we just received in our Vineyard Markets is the cow version called Bethmale Vache, “vache” meaning “cow” in French.

Bethmale Vache is made using raw cows’ milk and its rind is washed as it ages for 2 to 3 months, resulting in a peachy-orange colored exterior. The inside, however, is a pasty yellow color with a springy semi-firm texture. This cheese’s curds are not pressed during its production, so expect to find numerous pea-sized holes throughout its body. Being that it is a washed-rind cheese, it does give off a sort of…oh, how do I say this nicely…a funky damp-cellar sorta smell–but don’t let that scare you off! Like many of its washed-rind cousins, Bethmale Vache’s bark is worse than its bite. At first taste, it’s super rich and buttery, but it lingers on with a mild but meaty kind of earthiness that’s great on its own or with a variety of accompaniments.

Bethmale Vache

If you’re new to the sticky cheese category and want to start off slow, give this cheese a whirl with some Goji & Pistachio kii Crisps or with a dollop of your best fig spread. Pairing with wine can go either way: an earthy Pinot Noir to compliment, or a fruitier wine for contrast to really bring out some of the funky notes in the cheese.

Kozlik’s Canadian Mustards

Is it just me or did it the summer season up and decide to get serious around these parts? About 90 degrees out and sunny–through all the wacky weather we’ve been having, I can’t say I can complain.

Kozlik's logo

Ahhhh the summer; devoid of school (for most people) and full of fun, sun, and barbeques. In fact, this weekend is bound to be many people’s first big barbeque, thanks to Memorial Day! And just in time, we’ve got a brand new item here at the Vineyard Market in our Glen Rock location to add a little bit more pizazz to your BBQ snackage: Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard.

Kozlik’s has been around since 1948, whipping up small batches of hand-crafted mustards that really speak true to the mustard-lover’s heart. The company is, and always has been, family-owned and uses all-natural & locally sourced ingredients in each of their products. Kozlik’s Mustards are non-GMO, gluten free, and contaim zero additives or preservatives.

In the grand scheme of things, Kozlik’s produces 36 different types of mustard.

Kozlik's sample

Yes, you did read that correctly–36 different mustards. A big number, yes, but I’ve narrowed down the list quite a bit for you by choosing 4 of my favorites to carry in the Glen Rock Vineyard Market:

  • Amazing Maple
    • with real Canadian Maple Syrup; sweet with a mustardy bite
  • Double C (double course Dijon)
    • classic & traditional
  • Honey & Garlic
    • smooth, sweet, & savory
  • Balsamic Fig & Date
    • the best of all worlds; sweet, savory, & complex

Each mustard is really great in its own way and they have so many uses– from using as a dip for vegetables, to glazing various types of meat, to spreading atop crostini alongside some cheese.

Whichever way you mustard, Kozlik’s is definitely a taste you won’t want to pass up this summer!

Kozlik's spoons


Get jammin’ with Belberry Preserves

This post comes to us from Viv at the Morris Plains Vineyard Market.

BelberryAs you know, like my fellow cheesemongers, I love cheese. Of course I enjoy it plain by itself, but once in a while I really like to spice my cheeses up a bit with some sort of accompaniment. A new arrival to the Vineyard Market at the Morris Plains Bottle King is a variety of Belberry cheese & fruit delices–“delice” meaning “delight” in French–but I often just refer to them as preserves or jams.

The Belberry company was founded in 1956 in Belgium by Andre-Vanderefuen, and they’ve been producing some of the finest jams and preserves in the world ever since.

In my opinion, no cheese board is complete without some fruit or jam. Both can be enjoyed separately, but pairing the two together really creates a “wow” factor, bringing out some intense flavors that might otherwise be missed.

There are three different Belberry jams that we’re currently carrying in the Bottle King Vineyard Markets:

  • Raspberry & Star Anise
  • Figs & Black Pepper
  • Apricot Cumin

Each flavor is intense and complex in its own way, and no matter which you choose, they all make a great first impression. We’ve paired these jams with assorted cheeses and other accompaniments that are easy to prepare and will surely impress your guests. They can also make for a healthy snack. Check out some ideas below!

Viv Belberry ingredients


This first bite is rich and bold, with the gooey, earthy Taleggio complimented perfectly by the sweetness of the Raspberry & Star Anise delice.

  • Pumpernickel bread
  • Taleggio cheese
  • Belberry Raspberry & Star Anise
  • topped with olive and freshly cut arugula
Viv Belberry Raspberry closeup


This next one has a nice creaminess from the Brie matched with a brightness from the jam and slice of orange.

  • Mini Croccantini
  • Brie cheese
  • freshly cut arugula
  • wedge of blood orange
  • Belberry Apricot & Cumin

Viv Belberry Apricot

Have you tried Belberry’s preserves before? What do you like to pair them with? Let us know in the comments below!

Check with your local Bottle King Vineyard Market for availability on this product.


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