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The World’s Greatest Biscotti…Don’t Tell Grandma!

My hectic schedule rarely gives me time to prepare and bake my own biscotti. As a result I have been endlessly searching for  a great tasting  store-bought package of biscotti.  So now you might be  asking yourselves… What does Lauren consider to be the world’s  greatest store-bought biscotto?… That’s right biscotti is plural for biscotto .  It is one that is versatile and will complement just about any category of food.  One that doesn’t have to be dunked into a beverage to soften it.   They must taste like Nona (Italian for grandma.) just baked them. I believe that I have finally found my dream biscotto. A Gardner’s Kitchen, a local N.J. company will be having a Bottle King in store demo of their Bittersweet Chocolate and Cornmeal Vanilla Bean biscotti. Two fabulous treats. They are hand cut and made with the freshest  ingredients. The fruit in the biscotti is sulphur dioxide free and the Apricots are organic. The eggs are cage free. The taste is undeniably fresh and comforting. These Biscotti are definitely made with love.  Truly divine! Demo at Ramsey Bottle king: Saturday 4/9/11 12:00p.m.-4:00p.m. Wayne Bottle King: Saturday 4/16/11  12:00p.m.-4:00p.m. Bring Grandma!

3 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Biscotti…Don’t Tell Grandma!”

  1. I am a regular Ramsey Bottle King shopper and occasionally I stop by the cheese section to see what new items they have to offer. I noticed their display as soon as I walked in and couldn’t help but try a sample of all their new goodies. I absolutely loved the biscotti and didn’t realize the difference from what I usually purchase until I tasted this one. I ended up going back for a second sample and the bag I purchased didn’t even make it through the weekend.

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