Cheese, Soft cheese

Clearly Fromager Des Clarines!

Fromager Des Clarines was a blast to eat!  I had so much fun with this cheese.

It is produced from cow’s milk in the Franche-Compte region of Eastern France.  It is imperative that this cheese be served at no lower than room temperature to savor the plush custard like interior that flows from within.   The best way to indulge is to initially scoop it from the top with a spoon.

I feasted on slightly woodsy, buttery and truffle flavors with bread sticks, a cold, juicy, pear and even my fingers!  There is something very sensual about this cheese the way it oozes as you bite into it.   I am completely hooked on this cheese. I removed the cheese from the box, and thoroughly wet the box.  I put the cheese back into the box and heated up the cheese, poked a hole in the top, and then poured a sip of champagne into it.   Instead of champagne use halved garlic cloves and then heat up.  Try that on some french bread with a dry Prosecco or Spanish Cava!  Fromager Des Clarines  can be found at select Bottle King stores now.

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