Piqued By Pico Melero

Pico Melero piqued my curiosity the moment it arrived at Bottle King. It is produced from the raw milk of Castellanes and Churras Sheep in Castille y Leon, Spain.  The rind is smooth and coffee-colored.  The interior paste is ivory and oily with medium moisture.  The texture is grainy yet creamy with small calcifications toward the exterior.   This cheese is reminiscent of a six month Manchego but it exudes a heavier flavor of roasted nuts.

There is a subtle spiciness appearing slowly throughout, with a balance of sweetness and a delicate wine finish.  It should be considered as an alternate grating cheese to Reggiano parmigiano. This cheese is in harmony with my taste buds.    It is bold and robust without being considered excessive. Relaxing in mi casa, with a glass of 2008 Valdehermoso Ribera del Duero , I find myself breaking off chunks of the Pico and dipping it in Nu Lait Figberry spread.  It rocks while my taste buds roll!  Pico Melero definitely leaves me craving more mouthfuls. Are you ready to pique your taste buds? Visit select Bottle Kings where it is featured.

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4 responses to “Piqued By Pico Melero”

  1. FATMAN says :

    I’m excited you have Pico Melero, one of my favorite cheeses,qu sending my wife to Bottle King for the weekend can’t wait to have its yummy flavor. Bottle King isn’t just wine and liquor anymore!

  2. Daniel says :

    Can’t wait to try it with the Spanish wine!

  3. organic cream blush says :

    Woh I enjoy your articles, saved to favorites ! .

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