Cheese, Soft cheese

Transported to the mountains of Languedoc-Roussillon

     Cheese reminds me of a romantic relationship. When it is great I want to kick back and enjoy the ride while I savor its harmony.  Le Roves Des Garrigues is a match made in heaven.

Produced in the Cevennes mountains of Languedoc-Roussillon France, the goat’s milk cheese provided love at first taste!  This petite, snow-white creamy button is named for the ram-horned Roves breed of goat as well as the aromatic Mediterranean Garrigue pastures where they graze.

Rove goats produce less milk than other breeds (approx 2 liters daily compared to the usual 5 liters) which could explain the lip smacking richness of their liquid.   The goats absorb a plethora of herbaceous oils and flavors from feeding on the low growing shrubs indigenous to this area; consequently the cheese exudes a Lavender, Thyme, Lemon, Fennel and Rosemary aroma.

Le roves is velvety with a tangy, citrus and lightly peppered, lavender burst of deliciousness.  I grabbed a glass of Lauverjat Sancerre, drizzled some extra virgin olive oil over my little edible amour and enjoyed it with an artisan brown bread.  I felt as if I was transported to the South of France while sipping wine and tasting cheese in the comfort of my living room.

It was an epiphany that left me with a lingering afterglow.  In select Bottle King stores now.

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