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Hail To The Chief…President Brie

Président brie is our featured cheese at Bottle King this weekend.  This 16oz brie is deliciously buttery and creamy inside, with a snow-white edible rind.  It has a mild flavor and subtle mushroom notes…Perfect for baking Brie en Croute.  I love how it paired with Dalmatia fig spread.

Join us for a sampling of this all time winner at a terrific sale price of $3.99 each (reg price $10.99 each). Wine and cheese tastings this Saturday (07/02/11) while supplies last. Come for the tastings, leave with incredible deals!

Vineyard Market @ Bottle King Locations: Ramsey, Wayne, Glen Rock, Morris Plains, Glen Ridge, Dumont, Chatham, Livingston, and Hillsborough.

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