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Bonne Bouche:Tasty Morsel

I love when I find a cheese that makes my toes tingle when I eat it.  Bonne Bouche is the crown jewel of the signature line at Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery.  I first experienced this hand ladled, ash-ripened, goat’s milk cheese over the summer.

Bonne Bouche was launched in 2001. I am so glad that we have finally been acquainted. I could have been enjoying this dazzler for the past 10 years;better late than never.  Bonne Bouche literally means good mouthful. It is a French term that is used to describe a “tasty morsel”.  Winning first prize for an aged goat cheese at the American Cheese Society competition-well deserved.

Bonne Bouche can be experienced fresh or aged up to 45 days.  When young, the rind has a distinct geotrichium flavor. As it ages it is sweet and mild.  The interior texture is mild, smooth and creamy yet still acidic like a fresh chèvre.  When the cheese matures, it becomes more provocative and dry.  There were indications of fresh flowers, citrus and hazelnuts.

I enveloped this baby in phyllo dough and gathered the ends to form a purse.  I baked it for 15 minutes until crisp.  Serve over salad greens.  Stunningly delicious!  If you want something a little different pair it with chocolate covered almonds. Nice twist!  Enjoy this delicious morsel with a glass of Les Ligeriens Rose d’Anjou 2010 from the Loire region of France.  One good mouthful just isn’t enough!  In select Bottle king stores now.

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