Cheese, Soft cheese


I went to the car wash the other day, and when  I opened the door to let the attendant in, he crinkled his nose and pulled away.   He probably thought I was in desperate need of a shower from the pungent smell surrounding me.  I couldn’t help but giggle inside because I knew that the culprit, sitting in the passenger seat, was one of my favorite cheeses: Trou Du Cru.

One must be very cautious when saying these little rhyming words (Troo-dewh-CRUH), pronounced with a throaty-gargle: not so easy.  If not you might end up with your mouth washed out with soap. I believe it is a play on words for Trou du Cul.

Berthaut, the famed producer of Epoisses is responsible for this petit brother as well.   Trou Du Cru resembles a mini muffin delicately embraced in a paper muffin cup.  The restraint it takes me from peeling it off and devouring it immediately brings me back to the reality that I am having company over this evening; hence, I must share.  Rats!

Made in the Côte d’Or region of Burgundy, France, this cow’s milk cheese is washed with Marc de Bourgogne, an assertive eau de vie, alcohol.  The Marc is what achieves the deliciously sticky rind and magnificent and seductively luscious interior.  These nuggets are matured on straw so that they may breathe and not adhere to a flat surface.  It is there that they pick up the sweet aroma of hay and straw.

Like many of the washed rind cheeses, its bark is bigger than its bite.  The aroma is more potent than its divine flavor. The paste is ivory-yellow, extremely smooth and creamy and perfectly balanced.  The cheese takes on the delicate flavor of straw and alcohol, with floral notes and a lengthy- melt- in- your- mouth finish.  I recommend this yummy morsel with crusty bread, topped with Stonewall Kitchen’s Old Farmhouse Chutney and a nice glass of Olivier LeFlaive, Meursault 2009.-Wow!                        .

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