Cheese, Soft cheese

The Gift of Jura

Douceur du Jura: Means “Gift of Jura”-Some of the best gifts come in small packages, I find this to be true when referring to this scrumptious cheese. When I headed home after my purchase at Bottle King, I knew the cheese would take some time sitting at room temperature for that perfect ooze to commence.  I used that time wisely listening to one of my favorite artists, Adele, singing out loud and dancing, enjoying a nice glass of DeLoach I also purchased at the BK.  The opening act served its purpose well and when my “gift” was at its optimal gooeyness I dove in and the wonderful symphony was complete!

This pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is native to the mountains of Jura, France, alongside the Swiss border. The Jura region is renowned in the cheese making world  for creating cheeses such as: Morbier, Compte and Raclette.  Far from industry and city life, the cows are free to graze on the pristine pastures, along the rolling hills where the air is fresh and clean.  Douceur du Jura is a Reblechon style cheese.  It comes wrapped like a gooey goodie ready to be savored.

Douceur Du Jura’s soft, washed rind has a pale yellow exterior speckled slightly with white mold.  It is full flavored, eggy and slightly beefy. The aroma is mushroomy with a sweet, delectable finish.  When you take a mouthful it just oozes. Enjoy this with a fruity pinot noir from California. Oh so good!

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