Cheese, Semi-soft / Semi-firm cheese

Wild About Wildspitz!

The other day my friend Shelli sent me a classic example of a mountain cheese from the foothills of the Swiss Alps with a little twist.  Beeler’s Wildspitz is made from organic, raw cow’s milk with a gulp of organic, raw goat’s milk added to it for a bit of oomph.

As I sampled this rustic, orange-brown smeared rind with a silky smooth buttery yellow paste, I realized that I am not crazy about this cheese.  I AM WILD ABOUT IT!  I grabbed a glass of Generations 3, Cabernet Sauvignon, sat back on my comfy sofa with my cheese at arms length and began my delicious ascent up the Swiss Alps.

The Wildspitz was subtle at first, but with each delectable bite the flavor became more assertive.  As it reached the back of my tongue, I tasted hints of grass and nuts.  The finish left my mouth filled with an incredible earthiness, highlighted by a woodsy, mushroomy tang.  What an amazing journey.

When I finished sampling the Wildspitz, I wanted to do two things(1) get more Wildspitz and (2) learn how to yodel.  Try melting this cheese on pasta with woodsy truffles or over grilled asparagus.  Yodel-lay-he-hoo

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