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Moliterno al Tartufo

Produced on the Island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy, Moliterno al Tartufo is a pasteurized ewe’s milk cheese injected with rich, delicious thick veins of black truffle.  The infusion of the truffle is added post –production to the base Pecorino cheese.  This is unusual for a flavored cheese; however by adding the truffle to the paste after some aging occurs, the cheese develop its own flavors and personality.  It also allows for the texture to “break down” before the addition of the fungi.

During a five-eight month aging process, the wheels are rubbed with vinegar and olive oil from the region, melding oh so smoothly with the truffle cream. This  provides balance to the rich earthiness of the sheep’s milk.

Because of the unique injection method of the truffles into the pecorino the interior paste is visually appealing.  There are deep, wide veins of truffle marbling the dark ivory pate.  Imagine the best pecorino you ever had-you hit the mother- load: truffles oozing out of the oily crevices.  Yum!

The texture is a slight crumble with creaminess, salty and piquant:  Absolutely scrumptious and a showstopper on any plate.  I enjoyed it chunked with a delicious glass of Calera Pinot Noir 2009 (avoid anything too tannic).   I also tossed this provocative delight all over my lightly oiled pasta, nothing else was needed.

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