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Delightful Delice de Bourgogne

If you crave decadence, then I have a cheese for you! Mini Delice de Bourgogne.  This amazing French triple cream cow’s milk cheese hails from the Burgundy region of France.  The maker, Lincet, combines the milk with a dollop of crème fraiche to increase its richness.

I purchased this special air shipped item and hurried home to enjoy.  With its milky, somewhat tangy, earthy delightful smell I couldn’t wait to slice it gently in half. The bloom was soft, delicate and fluffy white with smatterings of pale yellow.  The edging resembled whipped butter: rich, creamy-lip smacking good! The interior was velvety smooth-mouth coating!

The thin, slightly pungent bloom revealed straw, mushroom and lactic aromas blending harmoniously with the milder interior flavor creating the most sublime melt- in- your mouth texture.  I enjoyed the 7.1oz dainty Delice drizzled with truffle honey, crusty bread and a glass of Tosca Proseco-truly a sumptuous cheese.

7 thoughts on “Delightful Delice de Bourgogne”

  1. I absolutely love Delice de Bourgogone! It was one of the first cheeses that I fell in love with; it has such a wonderful flavor and is one of the smoothest cheeses I’ve tried. These little 7 oz portions are perfect on any cheese board with some dried fruit and nuts. A great crowd pleaser for this holiday season!

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