Cheese Plates

Easy-Peesy-Cheesy Plate

The first time you wander through our Vineyard Market section and see our large variety of cheese and gourmet products, you may feel a little overwhelmed.  With all the different types of cheeses, how can you even know where to begin with making a cheese plate for your next get-together?  Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!  Below we’ve got an easy-peesy-cheesy plate full of the basics, which you can find at Bottle King’s Vineyard Market.

First up at the very top, we have Brie Magnifique, a delicious brie cheese, and a customer favorite.

The next cheese going counter-clockwise is Jarlsberg, a semi-soft (and holey) cow’s milk cheese with a mild, buttery flavor.

Continuing counter-clockwise we have a Smoked Gouda.  Should you or your guests not enjoy smoked cheeses, try substituting with a regular Red Wax Gouda.

The next cheese in the four o’clock position is a Chipotle Jack, similar to a Pepper Jack.  Not into spicy? Trade this cheese for a Monterey Jack.

The last cheese above is a basic Danish Blue cheese.  This is the kind of blue that you would find crumbled over a salad, but it is absolutely excellent on it’s own as well!

Serve with a bunch of grapes and your favorite Chardonnay and you’re ready to go! See, wasn’t that easy?


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