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Brie Fermier–Sometimes A Girl Just Has To Spoil Herself

There is a self sufficient farm located in the commune of La Boissère-École, in Northern France near the palace of Versailles, Ferme de Jouvence (Farm of Rejuvenation).  Heating the dairy farm and their offices with the wood from their trees they also derive their electric power through the use of anaerobic digestion (cow doo-doo).  Ferme de Jouvence produces a thermalized cow’s milk brie that is the closest we, in the United States, will ever taste to real brie.  The brie consumed in France doesn’t have to be heat treated; therefore all of the flavors remain intact. Brie Fermier is truly an exceptional cheese.

The white bloomy rind definitely has a hint of power behind it. You might notice as the cheese ages the rind might get some red mottling (a normal occurrence).  The flavor will also become more intense as this happens.  When I sliced open the brie, I found the interior to be pale creamy yellow around the edges with bits of ivory crumble at the heart.  This was because the cheese had not fully ripened.

The aroma of subtle hay, earthiness, garlic and broccoli was scintillating.  I quickly sliced a generous piece for myself to nibble on.  Mon Dieu!  This extraordinary delight was so creamy it wrapped around my tongue coating it with deliciousness.

I enjoyed the lingering aromatic flavors of broccoli, mushroom and garlic savoring every bite immensely with my glass of G.H. Mumm Rene Lalou Vintage Brut 1998        champagne.  I turned up some Michael Bublé to compliment my divine cheese and bubbly as I  dreamt of roaming the romantic countryside in France.   Sometimes a girl just has to spoil herself!

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