Cheese Plates

The Triple Threat-New Year’s Eve Cheese Plate

Once again it is time to ring in the New Year, friends. Out with the old and in with the new! What better way to start it then with a decadent triple crème cheese plate and some bubbly.  Whether you are having a holiday party, a dinner or are just chilling with that special someone, this triple threat will surely enhance any New Year’s Eve gathering.

La Tur-I refer to this as the cupcake cheese because that is what it resembles-a dense ivory colored cupcake. Biting into this indulgence from Italy leaves you with an extraordinarily full, rich, moist, and mouth-coating feel. I find it to have a wee tang with a mild, milky flavor. Made from goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk, this cheese is a triple threat itself that should be prominently displayed on one’s plate!

Delice de Bourgogne– A voluptuous whipped butter consistency that leaves a divine, savory, and earthy-mushroom, flavor on your palate. A definite lip smacker! This triple crème cow’s milk cheese hails from the Burgundy region of France. Bon appétit!

Cambozola Black Label-This uber creamy, brie style, German blue has the  slightest hint of blue veining running throughout its decadent interior.  Made from cow’s milk, Cambozola Black Label has a grey mold on its rind that enhances the flavor nuances of spicy, nutty, and sweet with a bit of punch.  This is a fabulous choice for those who love milder blues.

As for those accompaniments-I adore my triple crèmes lightly drizzled with truffle honey while nibbling on hazelnuts and dried fruits. Perhaps spreading some tart or sweet fruit jams on top with crackers or fresh crusty bread. A must have is that bubbly to wash down that luxurious triple crème coating.  One of my personal favorites for suffering through this horrific ritual is G.H. Mumm Rene Lalou Vintage Brut 1998. Perfection!  Don’t forget to arrange your cheeses from mildest to strongest in flavor (I listed them as such). Enjoy and have a safe and  healthy, Happy New Year!  See you next year!

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