Turophile Terms

Turophile Terms – D, E, F

I hope you all had a nice week off from our vocabulary lesson to recooperate from a rockin’ New Year’s Eve. To play catch-up, today we have three letters!

Double-crème, also sometimes called double cream, is a type of cheese with a minimum of 60% butterfat, and a maximum of 74%. Brie and Camembert are often double-crème cheeses.

Dutch-type (or style) cheeses are manufactured and taste similar to cheeses that are produced in theNetherlands, but are not necessarily from that region.

When a cheese has eyes, it is not referring to the seeing kind, but rather the little holes found within the body of the cheese.

When a cheese is described as earthy, it has rich, rustic, and hearty tones to it, such as mushrooms.

En Croute is a term used to describe a food wrapped in pastry. Brie en Croute is a very popular cheese recipe.

Fondue is a dish of melted cheeses, wine, and cream. It is served with crusty bread, poultry, steak, and sometimes vegetables. You can use just about any type of cheese to make a fondue!

Fromage is the French term for cheese.  A Fromager is a person who has an in depth knowledge of cheese.

Fermier is a French term used to describe cheeses that are made locally on small farms.

Remember to check back next Monday for more terms! 🙂

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