Turophile Terms

Turophile Terms – G

Happy Monday! Hope you’re not having too much trouble recouping from yesterday’s games! Here is our G edition of Turophile Terms!

G is for Giants, who kicked butt yesterday!

Gamey, or gamy, when used as a descriptive term for cheese refers to strong flavors or intense aromas of animal or meat (think game—no, not the board kind).

Goaty is another descriptive term, used to describe the distinct tangy flavors associated with goat cheese.

When a cheese is grainy, it refers to the texture being mealy and super crumbly OR it refers to a wheat-like flavor in the cheese.

Grana is an Italian word for harder granular cheeses often used for grating (think Grana Padano or Parmigiano-Reggiano).

Check back next week for more terms!

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