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You don’t have to be Italian to love Formaggio

With the Super Bowl rapidly approaching, I’d like to take a quick minute to feature one of my personal favorite products that we carry in the Vineyard Markets–Formaggio cheeses.  While I’m only one-quarter Italian in heritage, I have a love and appreciation for all kinds of Italian foods–including fresh Mozzarella, which is why I absolutely love the Mozzarella rolls we carry by Formaggio!

Their fresh Mozzarella is to die for by itself, but Formaggio created these hand rolled meat and cheese logs that are even more amazing!  In most Vineyard Markets you can find the Pepperoni & fresh Mozzarella rolls and Prosciutto & fresh Mozzarella rolls.  Just slice them up to reveal a beautiful pinwheel of cheese and meat that is the perfect finger food for the upcoming  game!

If Mozzarella isn’t your thing, the Vineyard Markets also carry Shooter rolls (Prosciutto, Provolone, and hot cherry peppers) and Antipasto rolls (Salami, Provolone, and roasted peppers) which are also by Formaggio!

I guarantee a plate of these babies will disappear in a flash!

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