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Red Dragon; The Heat Of Victory

This week Kara and I have decided to focus our blogs towards Super Bowl XLVl between The New York Giants and The New England Patriots.  I came across this extraordinary Welsh cheese, Red Dragon and thought this red waxed cheese would be great to serve during my Super Bowl get together.

In the UK Red Dragon is branded under the name Y-Fenni , this is the Welsh name for the town in which it is produced, Abergavenny.  I found myself drawn to the beautiful medieval artwork covering the front surface of the red wax as well as the name; derived from the dragon depicted on the Welsh flag.

Red dragon’s base is a form of cheddar from pasteurized cow’s milk which is blended with Welsh brown ale and whole grain mustard seeds-wow! What a kick ass combo just like Manning, Cruz and Bradshaw.

Rich, creamy and buttery, in addition to the additional layer of texture as the mustard seeds burst in my mouth as I bit down, my expectations were more than met. This is not an overpowering cheese by any means.  Aged for about three months, this is a firm, creamy, buttery, tangy and full-bodied cheese that has a distinct developed flavor and unique texture.  I found it to be in complete harmony.  Just one bite and my taste buds danced with delight.

I also love this cheese melted, I mean who doesn’t love nibbling on beer, cheese and mustard.  Just like the fire-breathing dragon, hopefully the New York Giants  have fire in their belly this Sunday and they will kick some Patriot ass!

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