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Red, White and Blue Plate for Big Blue

As you have probably noticed Kara and I have been blogging these past weeks about our favorite Football team, The New York Giants, and their journey to Super Bowl XLVl.  We have been watching all of the games and have thoroughly enjoyed coming up with different recipes, drinks and cheese plates geared towards party time and hopefully celebrating their victory over the Patriots this Sunday.  I have decided to create another Red, White and Blue cheese plate in honor of the G-Men.  Here are three cheeses listed from mildest to boldest in flavor:

1. Saint Angel: This triple crème, cow’s milk hails from France.  With a thin white, bloomy, edible rind this cheese had an interior pate that enveloped every inch of my mouth with a buttery, earthy, creaminess that made me  melt. While in melt mode, I enjoyed a refreshing glass of Cave L’Aurance Cremant de Bourgogne Brut NV.  Once I got started with this luscious cheese I just didn’t want to stop!

2. Red Dragon: This Welsh wonder is a cow’s milk cheese covered in a red wax.  It is a blend of Cheddar, Welsh brown ale and whole grain mustard seeds.  Rich , creamy, buttery, tangy, yet not overpowering. Delicious with a glass of Brazin Dry Creek Valley Old Vine Zinfandel, an American wine for a distinctly American sporting event.  I loved popping a piece of Red Dragon in my mouth and experiencing the additional layer of mustard seeds bursting on my tongue-so yummy!

3.  Roaring Forties Blue: This Australian blue cheese has quite a story.  It hails from King Island where ferocious winds blow down the 40*S longitude which can sometimes cause treacherous seas. These winds are known as the Roaring 40’s.  During the 15th and 16th centuries, the roaring 40’s often swept across the trade routes causing shipwrecks.  Straw mattresses from these wrecks drifted ashore. The seeds germinated in the rich soil  creating the lush pastures that set King Island dairy apart from others.  Roaring 40’s is matured in a black wax coating that cuts off the oxygen supply.  This helps to retain moisture, create a smooth and creamy texture,  and promote its full flavored blue, nutty, sweet and fruity character; a rich mouth feel and a long finish full complimented with Whitehall lane Generations 3.

All of these cheeses can be enjoyed with various accompaniments: I love a crusty baguette, thin crackers, hazelnuts, dried fruits, honey and of course beer and wine.  I am looking forward to savoring a few of these choices with my cheeses while I gather with friends and family this Sunday as we cheer on Big Blue…Go Giants!

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