Turophile Terms

Turophile Terms – M

Alright Turophiles, today’s terms are going to be quick; as I imagine many of you are nursing a bit of a post-Super Bowl headache as well!

Mold is a type of fungus that can be found in, or on cheese. Surface mold can be found on the outside rind of the cheese and grows inward.  This usually is the type of mold you don’t want to eat, and sometimes can be an indicator that your cheese has reached the end of its life.  Internal mold, like that found in the blue-veining of blue cheese, grows throughout the interior of the cheese and contributes to the overall flavor and character of the cheese.

When a cheese is mottled it has abnormal and splotchy coloring either on the rind or interior of the cheese.  While most times normal, sometimes, this is an indicator of defect or that your cheese is on its way out.

Mouthfeel is a way to describe the texture of a cheese as you’re eating it.

Now drink a lot of water, pop some Advil, and get ready for some Valentine’s Day posts coming your way later this week!

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