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Jacquin’s Coeur De Berry-“Be Still My Heart”

This week is St. Valentine’s Day. While I think we should embrace every day with that special someone, it is always fun to infuse some extra good lovin’ into our daily lives.  I know that I appreciate it when my honey comes up with something fun, clever and romantic. One way we love spending our Valentine’s Day is by cooking dinner together…such a blast!  Before dining on our sumptuous feast we always take pleasure in nibbling some cheese with a fabulous Champagne or sparkling wine. I already picked out this year’s favorite, Jacquin’s Coeur De Berry.

This heart shaped cheese is a clever play on words (Coeur=heart) made in the Provence of Berry, which is in the heart of France.  Even more romantic, it is a stones throw from the town of Valentin, France, proclaimed as the “village of love.” Coeur De Berry is an elegant, rind-less, bright-white chèvre.  Made from pasteurized goat’s milk, the texture is moist with a slight curdy yet creamy texture. I thought the flavor was bright and lemony, delicate and mildly lactic. There were hints of grass and a clean, slightly tingly finish.

I haven’t decided how to present it yet to “mon coeur,” perhaps straight up or drizzled with either some lavender honey or Wild Hibiscus syrup.   They all sound so enticing to me.  I know we will be indulging with Domaine Chandon Brut Classic, a California sparkling wine from the same winery that makes Dom Perignon. “Be still my heart.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!!              .

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