Cheese Plates, Special Features

So Easy, So Good

This month our featured cheese is somewhat different than what we’ve done in the past–it’s an entire ready-to-serve cheese board!  The Roth Kase Cheese Board features Red Spruce Aged Cheddar, VanGogh Smoked Gouda, and Buttermilk Blue cheese.  It not only covers the basics while giving you a nice assortment of cheese, but also comes with its own small board and cheese knife.  Normally this retails for $16.99, but for  you–our awesome customers–we have it on sale for an amazing $9.99 (while supplies last!).

The Roth Kase Cheese Board is perfect for a last minute appetizer or for that party invite where you don’t know what to bring!  Having a night in with that special someone? Pick this up with your favorite bottle of wine and you’ve got a nice (and budget friendly) date night.  Even if you don’t know a damn thing about cheese or assembling cheese plates, you’ll come across as a connoisseur-in-training! So stop in to your local Vineyard Market at Bottle King and pick one up today–these guys are bound to fly off the shelves!

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