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To Bean, or Not to Bean…Dip!

Another fun new product we have in addition to the new Vineyard Market Hummus line are two new Vineyard Market bean dips–Truffle Parmesan White Bean Dip and Southwest Black Bean Dip.  Now, beans and bean dip of any kind have never been my cup of tea, but one bite of each of these had me reconsidering!

The Truffle Parmesan White Bean Dip is a glorious blend of white beans, truffle oil, garlic, thyme, and lemon juice.  It’s so delicious I could barely keep it in stock this past holiday season!  Serve on some warm artisinal bread or simply dip with your favorite chip–you’ll love it either way,

Once you try the Southwest Black Bean Dip you’ll be wondering where this dip has been!  A blend of black beans, jalapenos, garlic, lemon juice, and other spices, it has just enough of a kick to keep you coming back for more.  It’s a definite must-have for your next taco night or spicy sandwich!

You can find both of these bean dips now at your local Vineyard Market!

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