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Turophile Terms – P

Good morning, Turophiles! As promised, here are your “P” terms!

Paste or Pâte is a term for the “meat” of a cheese. The edible part surrounded by the outer rind.  It can vary in texture from loose, soft and buttery to firm, smooth, hard and crunchy.

Pasteurization is the process of heating up a type of food (in our case, the milk that will become our cheese) to a certain temperature for a specific amount of time to kill off any harmful, disease-causing bacteria.

When a cheese is described as peppery, it has a sharp taste of pepper to it.

When a cheese is described as piquant, it has a sharpness that is considered appealing.

Referring to a cheese as pungent is a nice way of saying it is stinky or has an overpowering aroma.

Penicillium candidum is the type of  mold added to some cheeses to create a white, bloomy rind.  It is the reason Brie, and other soft cheeses similar to it, have the rind (and flavor) that they do.

A Pecorino cheese is any Italian cheese made of sheep’s milk.

When a cheese is Pressed after coagulation, cutting and cooking(when applicable), draining of whey and shaping of curds it achieves a smooth, uniform paste.  Semi soft, firm and hard cheeses are all pressed, while most bloomy and blue cheeses are not pressed at all-ergo the lighter and moister texture.

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