Turophile Terms – Q & R

I hope you guys are keeping up with your terms, we’re almost at the end of the alphabet!

Queso is the Spanish word for cheese, while Queijo is cheese in Portuguese!

Rennet is part of the membrane of a calve’s stomach that has enzymes that help to separate curds from whey in the cheese making process.  Though rennet is often from animals, there are some bacterial rennet that are commercially produced making the cheese vegetarian friendly.

The rind of a cheese is the outside of the cheese, which can vary in color and texture (think the white fluffiness on the outside of brie).  If a cheese is rindless, it is because it is either manufactured that way (think Colby, which is ripened in plastic to prevent a rind  from forming) or it is not aged (think Feta).

When a cheese is referred to as ripe, it has reached its peak flavor and age.

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