Turophile Terms

Turophile Terms – S

Happy Monday, Turophiles! I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather as much as I am! Here’s your “S” terms!

Semi-soft cheese can describe a wide variety of cheeses that are made with whole milk.  They aren’t hard like a Parmigiano-Reggiano, but they’re not soft like a triple-creme; they’re just perfect in the middle!  Some examples include Monterey Jack and Havarti.

A sharp cheese has a pleasent bite to its flavor.  It is a full flavor without being excessively sour.  Some sharp cheeses are aged cheddars and provolone.

A soft-ripened cheese, such as brie or camembert, has a soft body and often times a soft rind.

When a cheese is sour it has a distinctive tartness that results from a high acid content.  It is an attractive quality in young cheeses, however too much may indicate your cheese is at the end of its life.

A starter is another name for culture or starter culture.

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