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Kerrygold Aged Cheddar with Whiskey-The Luck of The Irish

St. Paddy’s Day is near and that pot of Kerrygold is here! It is right around this time of year that the Kerrygold displays start prominently popping up in cheese departments.  While visiting the Vineyard Markets at Bottle King, you may have noticed the eye catching Kerrygold displays that the cheese leads created.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit this week, check out the contest we are having online–winner gets bragging rights!  One of the cheeses Kerrygold is known for is their Aged Cheddar infused with Irish whiskey.  Who doesn’t love cheese and who doesn’t love whiskey? Imagine the marriage of these two great products and voilà! One distinctively tasty Irish cheese. The aged cheddar has a rich, creamy texture; crumbly but not dry with a fudge like consistency.  Buttery and nutty in flavor, this cow’s milk, cheddar is perfect for matching with something woodsy and heady like whiskey.  I enjoyed it with a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Don’t be surprised to find crunchy tyrosine pieces in this cheese–they add to the texture.  This cheddar is sharp with an acidic bite that travels right to the back of your tongue and grabs the sides of your mouth–a long finish.  Add in the whiskey and the cheese has a fermented, sweet flavor.  It is reminiscent of port.  The earthy, sweet smells of the wine barrels and the fruity, sweet slight tang of grapes.  This aged cheddar makes a scrumptious mac-n-cheese!

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