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Homemade Shamrock Shake – An Adult ShakeThat Will Shake Your World

This St. Paddy’s Day, shake up your normal routine of Irish beer or whiskey with a delicious adult beverage!

1 ¾ c. vanilla ice cream
¼ c. vanilla vodka
¼ c. Crème de Menthe
½ tbsp. grated dark chocolate + 1 tsp. for topping
a few sprigs of mint

Toss ice cream, vodka and Crème de Menthe in a blender and mix until it’s evenly combined. Do not to over blend the mixture–if you do you will just might have to force yourself to add more ice cream.

Using the handle of a long wooden spoon, muddle mint at the bottom of a tall glass. Pour the thick, creamy, green yumminess just below the brim. Stir in chocolate shavings until well incorporated. Top off with the remaining chocolate shavings. The recipe makes one super sized or two regular sized shakes–you can share or tell your friends to get their own!

**Please drink responsibly 🙂

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