Spring Into The Holidays Cheese Plate

Spring is officially here–though it seems as if it has been here since January! Gotta love it! I thought it would be appropriate to create a cheese plate celebrating the upcoming holidays and beautiful weather we have been enjoying. My three cheese selections from mildest to boldest in flavor are:

Le Grand Mogol: A triple cream cow’s milk cheese from France. This pasteurized cheese is mouth coating smooth and rich. Every time I take a mouthful I feel like I am inhaling the best freshly popped movie theater popcorn ever-break out the bubbly.

Purple Haze: This cheese is made by Cypress Grove Creamery–one of my favorites. A creamy, smooth three-inch round chèvre disc of goat’s milk with a sublime mixture of lavender buds and fennel pollen added to it. The sweet addicting flavor of the herbs plays off of the acidity of the chèvre-–perfectly complimenting one another. It is great with honey drizzled on top, scrumptious added into salads, nibbled with kalamata olives, or grilled lightly on a toasted baguette. Enjoy with your favorite Zinfandel!

Shelburne Farms Cheddar: A raw cow’s milk cheddar from Vermont, this tasty find is aged for 9 months and is oh-so-good! Full bodied, creamy, and smooth with notes of caramel and a nice tang, I found the finish to be nice and clean. Delicious with nuts and fresh fruit–a real winner.

All of these cheeses are great alone but what I love about them is they all work well together.  Happy Spring! Enjoy your Holidays!

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