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My Espresso Indulgence

I recently spent four days in Wisconsin visiting dairy farms and creameries and had such a blast while learning so much! Sartori is a fourth generation run business started in 1939 by founder Paolo Sartori after he arrived to America from Italy via the steamer, The Finlandia. Making Wisconsin his home, Paolo achieved his American dream with the creation of outstanding cheeses, one of which is Bottle King’s, April, Cheese of the Month, Espresso BellaVitano.

Starting with the BellaVitano Reserve as the base cheese, each wheel is hand-coated with robust, freshly ground Italian roast espresso beans. Sugar sweet, creamy, buttery goodness from the BellaVitano base melds so perfectly with the subtly sweet and mild smoky roasted flavors reminiscent of a fresh shot of espresso.  This award winning, cow’s milk cheese is delectable for breakfast, dessert, or as an anytime pick-me-up. I enjoyed it with dark chocolate and a glass of Fog Head Monterey 2010 pinot noir. I think this will be my new morning wake up, minus the jitters!

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