And to top it off…

If you’ve tried The 60 raw milk Brie, you’ll know that it’s absolutely scrumptious on its own.  But if you’re hosting or going to a gathering and want to dress it up a bit, here are some recommendations on what to do with it!

  • Firstly, because this cheese is so fresh, you don’t want to bake it in a traditional Brie en Croute because it’ll just turn into a soupy mess!  If you let it sit out of refrigeration for about 1-2 hours it will reach the same consistency!
  • To sweeten the deal of this delicious cheese, drizzle your favorite flavored honey over it! I personally enjoy using truffle honey because it helps enhance the natural earthy flavor of the cheese!
  • Another sweet, yummy topping is to take your favorite berries or fruit and to chop them up into small pieces, then sauté them with some sugar to create a fruity glazed topping to spoon over the cheese! To add a bit of texture, chop up some almonds, pecans, or walnuts and sprinkle over the fruit.
  • For a savory topping, try caramelizing some mushrooms with onion, garlic, and thyme!

Tell us in the comments what you did to dress up The 60!

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