Cheese Plates

A Cheesy Dessert

In honor of our new Cocoa Cardona, we’ve put together a cheese plate for dessert!  These cheeses are the perfect combination for any Turophile’s after-dinner sweet tooth.

Carr Valley’s Cocoa Cardona – a wonderful blend of goat cheese and cocoa!

White Stilton with Mango & Ginger – a mild, crumbly white Stilton cheese littered with pieces of dried mango and ginger.  Cheesecake lovers with adore this cheese!

Carr Valley Chocolate Cheese Fudge – yes, you read that right; chocolate cheese!  Don’t let the name put you off though–it tastes exactly like chocolate fudge with walnuts!

Saint Angel with preserves – a mild, creamy triple-creme cheese that is very versatile.  For dessert, spoon a generous helping of your favorite preserves on top!

Serve on the side: fresh or dried berries, dried mango or apricot slices, frozen grapes (YUM!), or almonds.

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