Cheese, Soft cheese

Chocolate Cheese Fudge

For some reason, these three words have been striking fear in my customer’s hearts since it came in a few weeks ago.  “Those three words should never be put together,” one customer commented to me with a faux gagging face.  True, this cheese does sound incredibly scary.  The picky-eater in me was screaming “NO, NO, NO!” as I forced myself to try it.  Then the chocolate-lover hit the picky-eater over the head and went back for seconds!

Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, this is absolutely amazing!  Another wonderful discovery by Carr Valley, Chocolate Cheese Fudge is exactly that–chocolate fudge made with cheese!  It smells slightly cheesy with a hint of cocoa, holy moly it tastes exactly like chocolate fudge with walnuts!  Creamy, chocolatey, with a little bit of a crunch from the walnuts within, there is not a hint of cheesy flavor! If you love chocolate fudge I guarantee that you will greatly enjoy this cheese.  Just a warning though, it is highly addictive!

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