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Lida Gold–Calkins Creamery

I can’t believe we are already beginning the month of May. It seems like yesterday I was blogging about Super Bowl Parties and the N.Y. Giants take down of the New England Pats.  Now I find myself planning Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and BBQ time with family and friends–oh yeah!  Back in March when the Vineyard Market cheese leads visited Calkins Creamery we had a meeting of the taste bud pundits and picked out May’s Cheese of the Month, Lida Gold.

Named for one of Bill Bryant’s (Emily’s father) gold medal champion Holsteins, “Lida,” Lida Gold is a Montasio style cheese.  Cave aged for approximately one year at the Calkins Creek Vineyard, these 8lb wheels are first smeared with a blend of olive oil and tomato before being enveloped in a transparent cheesewax. While enjoying lunch at the creamery we had a pasta salad that Emily prepared, highlighting the Lida Gold. Not only was it flavorsome, when I asked Emily for the recipe, I found out that it was effortless to prepare. I just had to include a similar recipe in the blog!

Lida Pasta Salad


  • Premade tri-color pasta salad (found at the deli counter of your local grocery store) OR 1 box of tri-colored pasta
  • 1 small bottle of zesty italian salad dressing
  • 1/2 lb Lida Gold, wax removed and cubed
  • Broccoli (as much or as little as you like), cut into small, bite-size pieces
  1. If preparing your own pasta, cook according to package and allow to cool.
  2. Combine pasta, cubed Lida Gold, and broccoli in a bowl.  Add about [1/2] to 1 whole bottle of italian dressing (depending on how strong you would like it).
  3. Toss lightly and allow to refrigerate for a few hours prior to serving.

When I returned home from our visit to the creamery my freshly cut chunk of Lida Gold was sitting on my kitchen counter calling out to me; it was imperative that I have a nibble.  I poured myself a glass of Novelty Hill Merlot and turned on a lil Seal.  The music was playing and I was in full kick-back mode; sincerely savoring the slightly salty flavor on my tongue, an initial bite as it hit then immediately mellowing, mild hints of nut, smooth and creamy from the oils yet slightly crumbly, a clean after taste-truly palate pleasing!

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