Wine & Cheese Pairings

So You’ve Got a… Pinot Noir

Ah, Pinot Noir… Typically fruit-forward and lighter-bodied, this style of wine is my absolute favorite not only because of its wonderful flavors of red berries, but because of its versatility when pairing with food–especially cheese.

When pairing a Pinot Noir with cheese, you’ll want to stick to fresh, soft-rind cheeses (such as Brie),  mild to medium-strength cheddar, sheep’s milk cheeses, some mild goat’s milk cheese, and harder, nutty flavored cheeses (such as Gouda, Comte, or Swiss).  Very rarely do Pinot Noirs blend well with washed-rind cheeses or blues, though there are always exceptions to that–you’ll need a stronger Pinot Noir to stand up to the fuller flavor of these cheeses.

If you don’t know where to start, your local Bottle King wine guys and Vineyard Market staff are more than happy to help you pick out a combination that will leave you wanting more!

[ Wines featured in the picture: Francois Labet L’Ile de Beaute Pinot Noir 2011Pali Bluffs Russian River Pinot Noir 2009, Oyster Bay Pinot Noir 2011 ]

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