Wine & Cheese Pairings

So You’ve Got a…Sauvignon Blanc

With the warm weather here to stay, I can’t imagine sipping anything other than a light, crisp, citrusy Sauvignon Blanc while hanging out by the pool on a hot summer’s evening.  While Sauvignon Blancs are generally highly acidic and light-to-medium bodied, they can vary slightly in flavor–similar to how Chardonnays can vary.

Sauvignon Blanc and goat cheeses have long been considered a classic pairing, and would be a good place to start.  Between the acidity of the wine and the tang of the goat cheese, your taste buds get a delicious party of flavor.  Most sheep’s milk cheeses pair well also.

For Sauvignon Blancs that are a bit on the minerally side (such as Sancerre or Pouilly Fume), it would be best paired with younger, fresher goat cheeses.  Citrussy Sauvignon Blancs pair well with sharper fresh cheeses, such as Feta, as well as softer cheeses that contain herbs such as Le Roule Garlic & Herb.  Some have also suggested that Sauvignon Blancs that are super acidic pair well with Brie and its cousin, the triple-creme cheeses–but keep in mind what works for them, may not work for you!  With Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll want to avoid blues and cheeses that are high in acidity themselves, as they will leave your with a saltiness on your palate that may not be appetizing.

As always, your local Bottle King wine guys and Vineyard Market Cheese Leads would love to help guide you to a pairing that is perfect for you, so should you be lost in a sea of cheese and wine just ask!

[ Wines featured: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Smythe & Renfield Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Forefront by Pine Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2009 ]

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