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Coupole – Vermont Butter And Cheese Creamery

Coupole, created at VBCC, is a cheese that I find to be so addictive I just keep coming back for more.   A combination of the recipes for Bijou and Bonne Bouche, this domed delight has a delectable and distinct flavor.  This fresh, pasteurized goat’s milk cheese encompasses all for the turophile–visually appealing, fabulous texture, and an absolutely divine taste.

The exterior is a pale golden-yellow, speckled with grey ash; it resembles a furrowed snow ball, courtesy of the geotrichum rind.  Velvety to the touch, as Coupole ages the golden hue deepens.  Slicing the Coupole in half, I notice a beautiful milk-white core enfolded in a silky translucent paste.

The fragrance is pleasing and not overly goaty. I notice indications of flower, nut, and honey.  The mouth-feel is dense, smooth, and extremely creamy (becoming more wrinkly and creamy with time).  It is flavorful, sweet, and milky with hints of yeast that also increases as the cheese ages. I find it to be milder than both Bijou and Bonne Bouche.  I love the contrast between the strong ripened flavor of the rind and the milky, fresh taste of the pâté.

Coupole makes a great centerpiece on any cheese board.  Stuff fresh figs with a slice of Coupole, wrap in Prosciutto, and broil. Enjoy with a glass of Tosca Prosecco Rose–a satisfying treat!

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