Wine & Cheese Pairings

So You’ve Got a…Merlot

Rivaling Cabernet Sauvignon as the most popular red wine, Merlot wines are medium-to-full-bodied with predominate flavors of cherry, plum, and chocolate.  This makes Merlot a very popular wine to blend with, as it balances out tannic wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

The best cheeses to pair with Merlot  washed-rind cheeses that are on the younger side–such a Taleggio–or Alpine-style cheeses.  This includes Gruyere and Comte.  Merlot also pairs well with some aged Goudas (try the ever-delicious Prima Donna), and occasionally some milder blue cheeses, though this pairing is incredibly subjective.

The Bottle King and Vineyard Market staffs would love you help you pick out the perfect wine and cheese pairing, so if you’re ever unsure just ask us!

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