Semi-soft / Semi-firm cheese

Saxon Creamery Green Fields

Another delicious cheese from Saxon Creamery is their semi-soft, washed-rind cheese, Green Fields.  It is a Trappist-style cheese (along the lines of Port Salut, Chaumes, and Oka) that is made from raw cow’s milk and aged for 70 days before being packaged in a special breathable paper so it reaches you with the best flavor possible.

Buttery, sweet, and nutty in base flavors, the cheese care vary slightly by season (as most cheeses do).  This cheese melts beautifully and is perfect for sandwiches or to give new life to a bland salad dressing.  You’ll want to serve Green Fields with non-citrus fruits, chutney, or cured meats.  Open a bottle of crisp, fruity white (try South Sound Sauvignon Blanc 2011) and you’ve got yourself a delicious pairing!

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