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Calling All Turophiles – We Need Your Help!

If you’re a regular shopper at Bottle King’s Vineyard Market, then you know all about one of our favorite cheese spread lines by Key Ingredient Market!  Our friends at Key Ingredient are currently trying to qualify for a contest in which they could possibly win a $250,000 grant to help improve and expand their business!  This is where you come in, Turophiles! Key Ingredient needs your votes! 

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Head on over to www.MissionSmallBusiness.com
  • Click “Login with Facebook to support your community”
  • Click “Vote Local”
  • Enter “Key Ingredient Market,” “Pennsylvania,” “Bath” in the fields to vote!

Right now there is only an option to login with Facebook, so if you don’t have an account, encourage your friends and family who do to vote! Key Ingredient needs 200 more votes in the next few days!  Let’s get them the votes they need, Turophiles!

1 thought on “Calling All Turophiles – We Need Your Help!”

  1. key ingredient market is one of the coolest companies around right now
    the flavors are ridiculous, and the applications are endless – I find myself eating entire containers of their humus in one sitting (okay maybe two – finishing it for breakfast?!?!?!) and spreading their horseradish ale on on a roast beef sandwich I swear this stuff is soooooo good and what’s cool is I can serve it formally to my inlaws or just chow down with friends it’s so good either way – plus I just found them on twitter too @spreadthecheese seriously you have to support these guys

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