Wine & Cheese Pairings

Move Over Wine, It’s Beer’s Turn to Shine!

Beer and cheese–though the idea may be hard to swallow at first, these two are a match made in heaven.  In fact, beer and cheese may just pair together better than wine and cheese!  This isn’t a new concept either, way back in the day beer, cheese, and meats would make up a meal.  I know it’s a strange thought, but just think for a moment; beer is much more versatile in flavors than wine.  The elements used to create beer can be roasted, smoke, or caramelized (among other things), whereas with wine, well, I doubt you want your wine grapes smoked!  Both beer and cheese have many flavors and aromas in common–rich, earthy, yeasty, and fruity.  Doesn’t sound so farfetched now, does it?  Even more, the carbonation of the beer lifts the flavors of the cheese or can cut through the dense butterfat–similar to the way a sparkling wine does.  It really seems that beer is just a better match for cheese than wine.

  • Wheat beers, because of their higher notes, should be paired with something that will balance it out nicely, such as young, soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese or even goat’s milk cheese.
  • When pairing a Pilsner, you’ll want to balance the dryness of the beer so pair with cheeses that have a hint of sweetness.  Aged Gouda, such as Beemster XO and Prima Donna are a good choice.
  • IPAs tend to have a bit of a bite to them, and need a strong cheese to stand up to it.  Try blue cheeses, pungent washed-rind cheeses, or even an Parmigiano-Reggiano.
  • Stouts and Porters are on the bitter side, so you’ll want to avoid bitter cheeses.  Try standing up blue cheeses, washed-rind cheeses, and soft ripened cheeses next to these beers.

Are you curious now to try out some beer and cheese pairings?  While in the store, check out our BK July/August flyer, where you can find an even bigger beer & cheese pairing guide!  Let us know your thoughts and favorite beer & cheese pairing!

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