Special Features

Sara Snacker Cookies

A new snack item has invaded Vineyard Market and jumped towards the top of our favorites list.  Sara Snacker Gourmet Cookies come in five deliciously quirky varieties:

  • Lemonade – a sweet but tart cookie with a delicious lemonade flavored glaze
  • S’mores – pieces of chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow litter this cookie, making you question–is it a cookie, or a s’more?
  • Vanilla Milkshake – yes, these cookies really do taste like an old fashioned vanilla malt milkshake!
  • Chipn’etzel – the original Sara Snacker cookie, this one has tiny bits of potato chips and pretzels in it, with a dusting of sugar, providing salty and sweet in one delicious bite!
  • Chipn’etzel Dark Chocolate – just like the original, but with yummy dark chocolate drizzled on top, it’s the ultimate salty, sweet combo!

Don’t let the unique flavors fool you, these cookies are divine and all-natural with a wonderful homemade feeling to them!  I’m warning you though–one bite and you’ll wind up eating the entire bag!

Now on BK Club for the month of July!  Hurry in and get some before they disappear!!

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