Wine & Cheese Pairings

So You’ve Got a…Rosé

Summer is the perfect time of year to drink a crisp, refreshing Rosé wine.  Known for being light and slightly sweet with flavors of berries or citrus, Rosé wines are very versatile when pairing with food making them great for fancy dinner parties or a low-key get-together.

When serving cheese with a Rosé you’ll want to pick cheeses that can stand up to the acidic and berry flavors.  Goat cheeses will do the trick.  Rosé can also cut through rich flavors, so triple-creme cheeses pair well with it as well.  For a real treat, try a blended milk cheese, such as Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery’s Cremont–a blend of goat’s milk, cow’s milk, and Vermont cream!

As always, your local Bottle King wine guys and Vineyard Market Cheese Leads would love to help guide you to a pairing that is perfect for you, so should you be lost in a sea of cheese and wine just ask!

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