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Lou Bergier Pichin-What A Way To Brighten A Day!

Monday mornings are not my favorite, however, coming into work and finding a new cheese hidden away in the refrigerator to sample can immensely brighten up my day.  Today I came across a raw cave aged cow’s milk cheese, Lou Bergier Pichin. I noticed it resembled the French style, Tomme cheese- Although I discovered it to be less barnyardy and creamier.

The name even has a French ring to it-a history reminder that the area was once a French possession; it is closer to Nice than Milan. This stunner actually hails from the Piedmont region of Italy.  The Cheesemaker, Mario Fiandino coagulates his raw cow’s milk with thistle flower rennet, using the ancient Kinara method.  Vegetable rennet’s tend to produce a slight bitterness in the finish; Fiandino has succeeded in its elimination, leaving us full flavored, creaminess. The name Lou Bergier Pichin translates to “man of the hut”, paying homage to Nonno Magno, the Grandfather of Mario Fiandino-All about tradition with this family of cheesemakers.

This rustic farmhouse cheese has a natural rind that enhances the flavor of the cheese-Please, don’t waste it!  The interior paste is a buttery colored, velvety textured, small eyed, dose of getting rid of the Monday Morning Blues!  I cut myself a piece and went to town-truly I have no shame when it comes to my cheese habits.  I detected that moderately musty damp cave aroma, while nibbling on hints of barnyard, slight egg, but predominantly mushroom and BUTTER!!

It was a bit early in the morning for a glass of Domaine de la Buissiere Satenay Ville Vignes 2009.   There is no doubt that I will take the remainder of this treat home this evening with that South Burgundy Pinot Noir and some crusty artisan bread and horde every bit for myself-Well this Monday turned out to be a fun day for me after all !

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