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Zingerman’s Detroit Street Brick-Dericious

The 2012 American Cheese Society annual conference and competition was held recently, as you read in Kara’s Thursday blog. We were impressed by three cheeses that won awards, so I decided to blog on them in the upcoming weeks.

Zingerman’s Detroit Street Brick placed third in the flavored category, named for the address of Zingerman’s Deli it is shaped to resemble the brick cobblestones that pave the Ann Arbor neighborhood from where it hails. Zingerman’s Deli is a favorite of the college crew and visiting parents-GO BLUE!

Detroit Street Brick is a young, dense goat cheese with a snow-white rind, liberally studded with freshly cracked green peppercorns. Slicing into the brick there is an intense lemon and pepper aroma-as peppercorns liberally speckle the interior. I notice the outer edges are gooey and creamy-just oozing with yumminess. A creamy center but denser in texture, I can’t wait to taste this appealing cheese, so I just pop in a mouthful and wow!

First it is slightly spicy on the tip of my tongue, progressing to the back of my mouth and slightly tingling  my nose- definitely not overpowering. The cheese is mouth-coating; the goat’s milk balances the peppery flavor brilliantly. Try slicing a piece of the brick, briefly put it under the broiler and drizzle with olive oil; as Scooby Doo says,”DERICIOUS”! For a twist on a burger, melt a slice of the Brick on it. I enjoyed my burger with a glass of 2011 Karine Lauverjat Sancerre. A match made in Michigan!

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