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Sprout Creek Farms Toussaint Is Tops!

Sprout Creek Farms Toussaint (too-sanh) placed second at the American Cheese Societies 2012 competition in the open category for handmade cheese from cow’s milk, aged over 60 days less than 30% moisture. Located near Poughkeepsie N.Y. this working farm offers fun yet educational programs for youths with emphasis placed on developing cooperation skills, and presenting real farming experiences, giving the children, from elementary through high school, a chance to learn hands on.

Self-confidence is cultivated while a new understanding of responsibility and commitment is fostered.  The goal of Sprout Creek Farm is to introduce a love of our Earth and experience how we are connected to it and thus acquire a passion for protecting its integrity.  All profits from the sale of their cheeses go directly back into funding ongoing educational programs.

Toussaint is a raw cow’s milk cheese aged 5-7 months. Crafted in the European method of cheesemaking, this is an Alpine style cheese with a smooth, tight, dry texture.  The exterior has a natural thin rind, while the interior of this 4lb pale yellow disc has small eyes scattered sporadically throughout.  The aroma is buttery, and nutty with hints of grass and must.

Taking a nibble of the Toussaint I find it earthy, and buttery with caramel and floral notes.  Smooth, yet robust as it opens up becoming more complex and peppery with age, I enjoyed sampling it at different stages.  This is a great cooking cheese, grating on top of pasta or shaved in a salad with a glass of Deloach Central Coast pinot noir (as I enjoyed it)!

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