Cheese, Hard cheese


If you’ve been to Ramsey Bottle King recently, you may have noticed these guys hanging around (pardon the pun!).  Caciocavallo is another new, delicious Italian cheese that we’ve recently brought in.  Produced in the southern provinces of Italy, this cheese is hand shaped into roughly 4 pound, gourd-shaped balls using a technique called “pasta filata,” which translates to stretched (or pulled) curd.  This is the same process used to create Mozzarella and Provolone.  Two of these gourds are strung together with rope by their necks, providing a neat way to display them before cutting.

Made of cow’s milk and aged for about 4 to 6 months, it has a texture and flavor similar to Provolone.  With a slight tanginess and slight nutty flavor, Caciocavallo is perfect for grating over your favorite Italian dish, or simply slicing and serving with salami.  Enjoy with Parusso Mariondino Barolo 2007 .

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