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Oktoberfest Cheese Board

Oktoberfest is always a fun time of year, and there are some delicious German cheeses that have inspired me to create an Oktoberfest Cheese Board!

Rougette – Don’t let the reddish, washed-rind deter you, this triple-creme cheese is deliciously sweet and buttery in flavor!

Cambozola Blue – This cheese is neither a brie or a blue, but the perfect combination of both!  It’s a smooth triple-creme cheese with just the slightest of blue-veining, giving it a very mild, blue cheese flavor.

Tilsit – With it’s pungent aroma, German Tilsit has delicate, fruity flavors with the tiniest hint of spice.  It’s an adventurous cheese for some, but the perfect addition to an Oktoberfest get-together.

Serve with some Bratwurst, pretzel bread, and your favorite Fall seasonal beer!

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