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November Cheese of the Month, Paglierina

Produced in the Piemonte (Piedmont) region of northwest Italy, Paglierina–November’s Cheese of the Month–is sure to shoot to the top of your favorite cheese list!  Those who love Brie or Camembert will find Paglierina to be similar, but at the same time, different and distinctive.  It is a small 7-ounce round made of soft cow’s milk with a white rind similar to Brie.  The first word that comes to mind when describing this cheese’s flavor is mouth-watering!  It is creamy in texture and has a slight buttery flavor.  You’ll want to bring this cheese to room temperature before serving as the flavor opens up even more and becomes earthy and nutty with undertones of mushroom.  Paglierina will coat your taste buds in absolute yumminess!!  Serve this cheese with your favorite sparkling wine or Perimeter Red Blend 2010 at your holiday party to impress your guests’ palates!

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